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Delivering the highest standard drainage system
from Japan to the world.

Maruichi promises new value generation for customers through drainage parts.

In Japan, just as you would differentiate between faucet fittings, cost-effective and simple drainage fittings are used for inexpensive kitchens and bathtubs, while high-end systems have functionally superior, well-designed drainage parts of the highest quality.
The great sinks and tubs from your company deserves the best quality drainage parts.

Ask yourself, what special features do your current drainage parts offer?
Are there any features that make your drainage parts stand out from those used by your neighbors?
Whether you are using it for the finest home sinks or tubs, or for commercial products bought at home improvement stores, why would you be satisfied with single-functioned, uniformly designed pieces when it comes to drainage parts?
Are you only looking at cost when it comes to drainage parts?
Do you find yourself believing that they are all the same?

Maruichi is prepared to satisfy your needs with innovative solutions.


4-time Good Design Award Winner!
We Deliver Drainage Parts with Integrated Functionality and Design.

The Good Design Award is regarded as one of the four major design awards in the world and, along with its symbolic "G Mark", has gained great popularity not only in Japan, but globally since its inception in 1957.
Maruichi has been the recipient of Good Design Award 4 times, for the "Aqua-La-Vie" in 2004, the "Maru Trap XT/YT" in 2008, the "Maru-Kachitto (Click) series" in 2015, and the "Waless Maru Trap Lavatory/Wash Basin Waterless series" in 2017.
If you consider the fact that drainage parts generally receives relatively low attention in the design world, these accomplishments speak volumes.
When looking at other design awards across the world, we hardly ever find drainage parts receiving multiple awards of this caliber.
The winners in the past all have innovative function and design that breaks through existing values.

"A waste trap for "showing off" with its ultimate compact piping."
"The first trap in the industry to prevent foam backflow in water-saving washing machines."
"Just one "Click" for smart installation."
"The invention of next-generation traps that are disrupt common knowledge."

Please experience Maruichi's planning and designing power for yourself.
With these parts as the platform, we will customize and deliver products with the specs that best suits your needs in kitchen sinks, bathtubs or wash basins.


Easy installation and operability with just a light push.
Maruichi's low maintenance wire pop-up system.

We would like to share our wire pop-up system with you.
The inner cables incorporated in our system are not as simple as those in brake cables for bicycles.
In order to improve flexibility and operability, a unique method developed in-house is used.
In addition to the wire part being easy to install and uninstall, it has passed long-term repeatability tests for your assurance.
In a rare case where the wire part is damaged, you don’t have to replace the entire drain.
Maruichi offers its pop-up system with replaceable wire parts for simplicity and economic value.
Customers may choose between 1WAY (push to open and close) or 2WAY (push/pull to open and close) styles.

In general, the market is stuck with rubber plugs, pull-up knobs, click clack plugs or bar types to collect water in kitchen sinks, bathtubs and wash basins.
Any of these can be had for inexpensive prices but they do not provide much satisfaction in terms of use.
And for those users with injured or impaired hands, these options, which often require some strength to operate, can be difficult to use.
Also, maintenance cannot be performed on many of these parts once they have been damaged.
Most likely, you would need to replace the entire kitchen sinks, bathtubs, or wash basins.

The wire pop-up system from Maruichi has more than 30 years of history with the highest standard of reliability.


The best drainage system proposals for your products.

There are kitchen sinks, bathtubs and wash basins with well thought-out material and unique designs from various companies.
So why are you satisfied using same old drainage parts to pair with your outstanding products?
We at Maruichi want to offer the best drainage system for your kitchen sinks, bathtubs and wash basins!
Let us collaborate with you to create the ideal drainage parts for your projects.
The products listed here are just some ideas to inspire your imagination, and although you may certainly incorporate these products, we believe we can maximize your satisfaction through proposals for OEM parts.
Please inquire at your convenience and we'll create ideal parts with you.

Specialists in plastic waste traps and drainage parts.
The only manufacturer in Japan that comprehensively makes and sells drainage parts for kitchens, wash basins, and bathrooms.

There are limits when using metal casts to manufacture parts due to processing limitations, so at times there are functions that cannot be fulfilled.
However, resin-molded parts allow us to produce complex shapes, so we are able to add various values to the parts.
Moreover, although drainage parts for kitchens, wash basins and bathrooms share common design features, there are hardly any companies in the world that conducts analysis across the board.
Maruichi is the only company in Japan that specializes in comprehensively manufacturing drainage parts for kitchens, wash basins and bathrooms.
Our company has its own R&D facility on the premise, allowing us to integrate manufacturing with design, production and sales, resulting in the largest share in Japan.
Incorporate Maru Trap Brand's ideal drainage products into your repertoire and offer a comfortable life to your customers and set them apart from their neighbors.